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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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you, don't let him relapse into balls: he does not love them, and, if you please, your example may keep him out of them. You are extremely pretty people to be dancing and trading with French poulterers and pastry-cooks, when a hard frost is starving half the nation, and the Spanish war ought to be employing the other half. We are much more public-spirited here; we live upon the public news, and triumph abundantly upon the taking Porto Bello. If' you are not entirely debauched with your balls, you must be pleased with an answer of Lord Hartington's2 to the governor of Kome. He asked him what they had determined about the vessel that the Spaniards took under the cannon of Civita Vecchia, whether they had restored it to the English ? The governor said, they had done justice. My lord replied, ' If you had not, we should have done it ourselves.' Pray reverence our spirit, Lieutenant Hal.
Sir, Moscovita is not a pretty woman, and she does sing ill; that's all.
My dear Harry, I must now tell you a little about myself, and answer your questions. How I like the inanimate part of Kome you will soon perceive at my arrival in England; I am far gone in medals, lamps, idols, prints, &c., and all the small commodities to the purchase of which I can attain; I would buy the Coliseum, if I could: judge. My mornings are spent in the most agreeable manner; my evenings ill enough. Roman conversations are dreadful things! such untoward mawkins as the princesses! and the princes are worse. Then the whole city is littered with French and German abbes, who make up a dismal contrast with the inhabitants. The Conclave is far from enlivening us; its
2 William Cavendish (1720-1764), Marquis of Hartington; succeeded his father as fourth Duke of Devonshire, 1755; entered the House of Lords as Lord Cavendish of Hard-
wicke, 1761 j Master of the Horse, 1751-55; Viceroy of Ireland, 1755-56; Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, 1766-57 ; K &., 1766 ; Lord Chamberlain, 1757-62.
/       *i